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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Welcome, Mackenzie Knight, the Queen of the Paranormal!

I have been following radio host, Mackenzie Knight, for a number of months and was delighted when she agreed to an interview on my blog.

Mackenzie is an intriguing lady as you will find out. She delves into the world of the paranormal with great knowledge and enthusiasm and published her first short story, Cypress Hill, in 2012.

With a busier-than-busy schedule, Mackenzie kindly put her ghostly encounters on-hold and we had a wonderful natter over cookies and coffee at her local diner.

Mackenzie, you wear many hats: Author, Paranormal Researcher, Investigator, and Radio Host at 'Unearthly Encounters Live', which is your favourite and why?

I love when I am writing, I totally zone out from the world. I have a few unfinished manuscripts I will be working on in the near future, at least a few pages a day. I don't go out on Paranormal Investigations anymore - at least not right now. There were some people I went out with, but they moved away. I went in as the Sensitive. It was scary and extremely interesting all at once. I do a lot of research on many paranormal, and supernatural subjects because I enjoy finding the truth. Knowing about all the topics I cover helps me a great deal, when speaking to my guests. I also study Spirituality, Past Lives, and read Oracle Cards. I love my radio show, Unearthly Encounters.  I enjoy meeting new and interesting people every week. My guests are very knowledgeable and professionals in their fields. Some are fun and witty, some very serious. I enjoy them all. I love all my hats and I wouldn't trade them in.

Mackenzie Knight

Describe a typical day in the life of Mackenzie Knight.

I tell you, I'd love to know what it's like when people say, "I slept in today".  I am up at 4:30! Coffee gets me going. I usually watch the news and weather. Get my little girl off to school. I check my email. Then I post in a million places my upcoming shows. Some days I have to read many websites, books and make showpages all for my guests on Unearthly Encounters.

I put together the questions for my guests after reading their books; it makes a difference. I like my shows live - I have never edited one! What happens, happens! I am trying to learn the Tarot, but it's been tough. I am also trying to write a book, and be a Mom. By the time 8pm comes around I am wiped out. I'd like to watch a TV show, or a movie and just relax. It's not easy if you really care what you are doing, it all takes time.

Tell us a bit about your short story, Cypress Hill, which you published as an e-book last year.

Here’s the description from Amazon: A twist of fate. Eternal evil. A woman caught between life, heaven, and hell. A love that breaks the boundaries beyond the veil. By all medical standards, Mary Reilly is dead. Lifeless, her body lies on a cold, steel gurney in the mortuary. Her ‘inner eyes’ open, discovering her body. Immobile, Mary needs answers and help. Who will believe? With less than 24 hours before oblivion she embarks on a desperate fight for her life – and Jack Traynor must learn more than the ropes at Olympus Lawn Cemetery: He must master the art of survival in confronting an unstoppable terror obsessed with Mary. His destiny is to save Mary from a fate waiting for her in a plot on Cypress Hill. Or is it

The jacket cover for Cypress Hill is very sinister looking. Who designed it and did you have some input at the design stage?

I drew the picture for the original cover, I had problems with the publishers doing their job, no cover, yikes! So if you go to Barnes and Noble you will see my pencil drawing. I should have published the book myself; lesson learnt. Finally, after telling them that a jacket cover was needed a really nice guy contacted me from the publisher who said he would do it. I thought he was going to draw it, but it turns out it is a stock pic. It was perfect; everything I had imagined and went perfectly with the story. I love that cover for Cypress Hill.

What readers are saying about Cypress Hill (Barnes & Noble):

- If you love vampires then I recommend this book to you. It is truly refreshing and Ms. Knight is a fabulous author. The way she weaves this story is nothing short of hypnotic.

-This book has it all: excitement, twist, turns, angels, vampires and a little voodoo magic. Even till the end it keeps you guessing.

What are your plans for future novels?

I'm going to work on the book about My Haunted Childhood. I really want to write part 2 of Cypress Hill. I have many stories in me; I need the time to get them out.

What book are you currently reading and what’s its appeal? (if not currently reading one then the last book you read).

At the moment, I am reading Mark “Wiz” Barry's Book, The Ritual. His writing is amazing; I feel like I am there. I have not yet reached the tremendous terrifying parts which lie ahead.

I am also reading a charming book by Ngaire Elder. It’s such a cute story- The Adventures Of Cecilia Spark- The Brimstone Forest, I am loving it, and want to read them all. I love Cecilia, what a great story.

I just purchased Mary Ann Bernal's Book, The Briton and the Dane: Concordia too.

For My show, I am reading Everyday Psychic by Karen Harrison. How to develop your psychic abilities The Candle and The Crossroad by Orion Foxwood, which is very interesting all about Appalachian Conjure and Southern Root work. I learn so much whilst reading my guest's books, some are fascinating, like Steampunk Magic- by Gypsey Elaine Teague- Working Magic Aboard an Airship.

Changing course now, your radio show, Unearthly Encounters Live, on Blog Talk Radio, tell us about your radio show and how you got involved with radio presenting.

Well it was one January three years ago, I said I needed to do something interesting. I found Blog Talk, I had no idea what I was going to do or how to go about doing it. Someone suggested I get the local paranormal group who had just been on the local news to come on. I decided to give it a shot and they agreed! I was so excited, thrilled.

I was a bundle of nerves, the guys were awesome and the first show went really well! Then I got the former newsman who became a Psychic - he was great!  It's been 3 years now, a labor of love. I spend many, many hours working on it, bringing in great guests.  For a shy writer, talking on the radio was not the first thing to come to mind, but I am glad I let that fear go. I love it!

This year I am praying for a break. I need sponsors, big and small. Anyone can help, with what they can. I hope the show will be heard all around the country; even worldwide! I would like to make a living at this, I keep praying. I have a fantastic Co-Host Intuitive Tarot Card Reader Amanda Donnelly from 78 Whispers.  She is awesome!

Most bizarre encounter which you personally experienced or heard about from one of your radio show guests.

Recently I had an Author-Psychic tell me that I have a black shapeless non-human entity in my spare room, needless to say it scared the daylights out of me. I didn't expect it or feel it. I know there is a presence here that has been here all along, perhaps a plain old ghost, but non-human, yikes! I was taken back, totally frightened. I am a Sensitive so after thinking about it I felt that is was a build-up of negative energies from the previous year when a troubled person we were trying to help stayed with us a while.

I think all the negative, horrible things that they went through in their life built up in here. I did do a Cleansing, calling on Archangel Michael and Jesus. That was a very scary experience. A fun saying from my UFO expert guest whom I just loved talking to -  he said we can sit down have a cup of tea with the Aliens, hey why not!  There have been so many fun times; you never know what’s going to happen.

Mackenzie, you have mentioned a couple of times that you are a Sensitive, please divulge more.

I do have a gift, always had it. I can sense spirits, and I know when they are about, and sometimes what they want or need. I am an empath, that is hard because when there is something horrible happening like Katrina etc. I can feel the pain of others at times, so its difficult for me to watch things like that.

I have tried to ignore these gifts put them on the back burner but someone up there doesn't want me too. If a person needs my help I will try to help to the best of my ability. If I feel I cannot I will try to recommend someone who can. I would like to do work through my Angel or oracle cards now. I think that it may be a way to help. It's hard having this gift, because I never had a mentor to help me sort it out.

I know it's strange probably to you, but I feel I must try to use it. It's been getting stronger since talking to other psychics and hearing their stories on the show. I do not feel like such an outcast now!

If you could be a piece of candy/sweet, which one would you choose to be and why?

I'd be a Hershey Kiss, mainly because I just love them and they're sweet.

If you won $1,000,000.00 from the Lottery what would you spend it on?

Well that would be wonderful. I'd buy a new house and a car and then go visit a few people. I would really like to meet friends from the States, the UK, some in Scotland and then go to Ireland and visit the places where my ancestors used to live. Oh, and some castles.
I would help make a new food pantry to help my town, and help a child from St Judes, my favorite Charity.

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

And finally, where can fans of Mackenzie Knight learn more and listen to your fantastic radio show?

My show is called Unearthly Encounters Live. It airs every Tuesday night at 8pm eastern, and some Sundays. All the shows are archived forever, so you can always listen in. You can go to the Blog Talk search and type that in, or go to the link below.
I am on Facebook, Twitter, The Unearthly Encounters Website, blog spot where I have my show-blog, please follow us, it’s fun and each week I tell you all about my guests. I do put my interviews on their too.

Mackenzie, it was an absolute pleasure and I wish you every success with your writing career and I hope you manage to rid your home of the non-human entity! n x

Thank you so very much, Ngaire, for interviewing me, I enjoyed talking to you. M x


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On Unearthly Encounters, Mackenzie Knight has interviewed:

Dee Wallace, one of my all time favorite actresses, I loved that show. I've had Famous Parapsychologists Barry Taff, and Lloyd Auerbach, Famous Psychics Jane Doherty, Annette Martin, Cindi Sansone Braff, Robbie Thomas. Real Vampyre Father Sebastiaan, Judika Illes, Christopher Penzak, Dorothy Morrison, Christian Day- All Famous in the Occult. Bret Lueder UFO Expert, Jeff Walmsly- Mothman, Wanda Kay- from the Famous Haunted Nightclub Bobby Mackey's. Debra and Tony Pickman from the infamous Sallie House, Horror Authors Barbara Watkins, Donald Allen Kirch. Paranormal Expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Betty Dravis, Author, Celebrity Interviewer, this is just to name a few. We even had Famous Director Producer Armand Mastroianni, call in to talk to Betty, that was amazing!


  1. Two of my favourite people nattering over latte and muffins! Indielit doesn't get better than this! Terrific interview, ladies!! :-)

    1. Mackenzie was truly amazing, loved catching-up with her ... the muffin was delicious. Thanks for the comment Wiz n x

  2. Thank you Wiz! You too are one of my favorite people. Ngaire is a dear, loved doing this, so much fun!

    1. Glad you enjoyed yourself, Mackenzie. The coffee and cake were worth the wait n x

  3. What an amazing interview with the lovely and talented, Mackenzie Knight! I simply adore her writing style...almost as much as I adore her!

    1. I am keen to read Cypress Hill, it sounds fascinating ... thanks for swinging-by Barbara. n x

  4. Thank you my dear friend, you too are so talented beyond words and I adore you too.

  5. That was an entertaining (and enlightening - about the book cover) article. Cypress Hill sounds like my kind of book. Props for mentioning St. Judes.